What Are Others Saying About Jay & Tammy?

Jay and Tammy Hoskins on stageWe are so honored to be in relationship with many ministers and ministries around the nation. Our lives were changed by the influence of right relationships throughout our lives. In the church world today, there are many ministries preaching and teaching many different things. We know that through the leading of the Holy Spirit you may follow a ministry or have them into your church, conference, or event. However, a recommendation is also a way to see how others view the ministry of another.

We have been so honored to have received recommendation letters from some of the most influential people in our lives, and friends dear to our hearts. These are true examples of Godly character and integrity. We trust that you will have all the information you need about JHM, enabling you to understand more about who we are and what we have to offer.

Pastor Kenneth Hagin

It’s a privilege to write this recommendation letter for Rev. Jay Hoskins.

Jay is a 1993 graduate of RHEMA Bible Training Center.  From 2005 to present, he has served at RHEMA Bible Church as an Associate Pastor over our singles ministry (Synergy) and recently our Connections department.  He was a blessing to this ministry, and we appreciate and recognize the evangelistic call on God upon his life.

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Rev. Mark Hankins

Mark Hankins photo

Jay and Tammy Hoskins are mightily used by God in the preaching of the Word and in the demonstration of the Holy Spirit.  They have been faithful to the call of God for many years and are a great blessing to the body of Christ.  I believe Jay and Tammy would be a tremendous blessing to your church.

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Rev. Tony Cooke

It is a pleasure to recommend the ministry of Jay and Tammy Hoskins. This couple has followed the Lord and served Him faithfully for many years.  They have a heart to serve pastors and the local church and to see believers strengthened, encouraged, and walking in the blessings and provision of Heaven. Jay and Tammy both bring excellent gifts and anointings when they minister, and I believe they will bless many, many congregations as they continue to follow God's call upon their lives.

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Rev. Kate McVeigh

Greetings in the Name of Jesus!

It is with great joy that I recommend to you the ministry of Rev.’s Jay and Tammy Hoskins. They have a very strong healing anointing on their lives. Their enthusiasm and zeal has been an inspiration to me.  They have lived their lives devoted to the promotion of the Gospel, are mightily used of the Lord, and flow freely in the Gifts of the Spirit. I believe that the ministry of Rev.’s Jay and Tammy Hoskins will be a great blessing to your congregation.

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Pastor David Shearin

I would like to recommend the ministry of Jay and Tammy Hoskins to you.  They have ministered on two occasions at our Singles Conference and in Sunday services.  Jay has a humorous way of communicating the Truth of God’s Word and yet maintaining its depth.  He has a great healing and miracle anointing and flows in the Gifts of the Spirit. Tammy has an anointed music ministry that adds another dimension as they minister together.  She is also a gifted teacher of the Word. I am confident that you and your congregation will be blessed and benefit from their ministry. Thank you for your consideration.

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Rev. Tad Gregurich

I want to take this time to let you know about a seasoned ministry team that is headed back into the evangelistic and itinerant field of ministry, Rev.’s Jay and Tammy Hoskins. For the past four and a half years they have served RHEMA Bible Church and Pastor Kenneth W Hagin as associate pastors with a variety of responsibilities. Here are some brief thoughts I would like to share with you that might help you make the great decision to have them minister to your congregation.

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Pastor Caleb Moran

Jay and Tammy Hoskins are such a relief to a young church plant. My wife and I have known Jay and Tammy for many years and have seen them in their lives personally and in their ministry. They are a true example of a life filled and forever sensitive to the Holy Spirit. As pastors we are so amazed at the heart that they have for the local church, and the local pastor. They are not just in it for their gain, but to see fruit that remains in the local church, and developing lasting relationships with the pastors. We have never seen such a unique gift as theirs. Most ministries are specific to one major gift, Jay and Tammy not only flow prophetically, operate in the gifts of the Spirit, demonstrate the miracle power of Jesus, and other amazing gifts, but they are dynamic teachers and preachers of the Word.

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Dr. Todd E. Holmes

I want to highly recommend to you the powerful ministry of Jay and Tammy Hoskins!  Not only are they an absolutely terrific couple who know how to connect with people, they are ministers who allow the Holy Spirit to minister to people's lives while demonstrating the power of God! I have personally known Jay and Tammy for many years and have heard and seen the testimonies of countless changed lives; men and women forever transformed by the touch of God!  Expect the miraculous, the supernatural, the manifest presence of Almighty God when they begin to minister!

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Pastor Andy Visser

Andy Visser speakingIt is with great pleasure that I am able to recommend Jay and Tammy Hoskins.  I have had the honor of being acquainted with them for several years.

During this time, they have displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, ambition and a heart for serving others.  They have served diligently at Rhema Bible Church / Rhema Bible Training Center, as well as traveled to different churches to minister, being willing and obedient to follow the steps the Lord has ordained for them to walk in.

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TBN Nejat TV

TBN Nejat TV logoGreetings,

TBN Nejat TV is a full time TV satellite that preaches the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the Middle East and Europe in the Persian Language.  We are the most watched Christian television network in the Middle East.

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