For Pastors

Dear Pastor,

We wanted to introduce to you our ministry and we are so thankful that you are taking time to read this letter.  My wife and I have had the great honor of being on staff as associate pastors at Rhema Bible Church for 5 years under Pastor Kenneth Hagin Jr. I was also a full time instructor at the Bible School for that amount of time and an alternate instructor in Healing School. Tammy was one of the main worship leaders at the church every month as well as developed and led the worship teams for the Rhema Singles. She and I were hired to pioneer the Singles Ministry in 2006 (SYNERGY). It grew to over 700 people by 2009. In addition, we have been on several television and radio programs as guests such as Trinity Broadcast Network, Nejat TV (Middle Eastern TBN), and Skunks TV to name a few.  We have also had the honor of hosting TBN regularly over the past several years.

I have had the privilege of serving Reinhard Bonnke where I helped him set up crusades and meetings in Germany and in India.  During this time, I was able to assist him and ministered in several smaller crusades in support of the main crusade that he hosted.  I have been to several countries including the jungles of Panama, India, Germany, Canada, Mexico, and recently led a Rhema group to Peru where we saw over 1800 salvations! 

Tammy has been in the music ministry most of her life. Having been raised in an Assembly of God home, she assisted her parents as they pastored in Indiana, Florida, and Oklahoma. She was asked to join the Rhema Singers in 1989 and assisted Brother Kenneth Hagin Sr in his Faith Crusades and Holy Ghost meetings for several years.  She has also had the privilege of singing in meetings for Rodney Howard-Browne, Kate McVeigh, Vicki Jamison-Peterson, and the Richard Roberts show.

We have such a heart for the local pastor and the local church.  Our vision is to see your vision come to pass! We are a ministry team that desires to team up with the local pastor and to help in any way that we can to enhance, strengthen, and grow their congregation. We are passionate about seeing the growth of the local church in quality and in quantity.  God has used us in the areas of miracles & healings, a greater depth of worship & prayer, revival, church growth of all ages/stages, and an overall hunger and longing for more of Him. 

I trust that our ministry will be a blessing to you and will provide lasting and evident fruit in your church. 

In Christ,

Jay & Tammy Hoskins